I thought back to the first time my friends told me about—a mystical place they’d visited that sits between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea on the northern edge of Africa: Morocco… Deep down I always knew I’d end up there one day. Who could resist places with such romantic names as Marrakesh, Tangier, Fez, Casablanca, or The Dunes at Merzouga? It was just a matter of how and when. The time was now. The question was ‘how’. I figured out the how and asked my twin sister, Alix, if she wanted to join and my best friend, Ashley. They both said, YES. When? And off we went… It was that easy. When we arrived, we got a guide. He told us 3 important words to learn, that would come in handy for our short visit: humdulilah, which means, “I’m fine, thanks be to God.” And bismila, which means “in the name of God.” He suggested we say the latter before everything (for example, Bismila, I’d like a falafel sandwich, please.” Finally, he taught us insha allah, “God willing.” This one serves no purpose but to remove all human accountability from any event. So we started our journey saying, “I hope we make it to The Dunes at Merzouga, insha allah”. That’s what I love about traveling... You get to spend quality time with family and friends. You get to spend time in a fabulously unique environment and get familiar with a new language and got to meet new friends. #Travel #Connection #Love#family

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