“Give me silence, water, hope. Give me struggles, iron, volcanoes.” – Pablo Neruda

Today we traveled to, the Benedictine Monk mountain retreat. It has spectacular mountain views of Catalunya. Apparently, at the holy grotto here, people saw the Virgin Mary appear. Not only is it of religious importance but the beauty surrounding the monastery in breathtaking as you can see. I feel traveling this far and coming to these sacred places and taking time to sit in nature and think introduces you to yourself. The self you forgot about amidst all the chaos we deal with on a daily basis. It seems society piles so much information and mindless games on us to distract us from our Authentic selves and become numb to all around us.

I love traveling so I’m energized and with a fresh perspective. What are your values? Are you making decisions that are helpful or hurtful to you? Who are your closet five people around you? As the old saying goes, then I know who you are.

As a famous proverb goes: El hábito no hace al monje. The habit doesn't make the monk which means: Clothes do not make the man. P.S. I’m being photobombed by my daughter 🙀.

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