Letting Go to Become Free

By letting go you become emotionally free. When you become emotionally free, you don't care what others think about you, so you become free. I learned that in order for me to become emotionally free, I needed to remove the obstacles that kept me in emotional debt. Emotional debt is any accumulation of unresolved feelings that causes you to distort your view of the present. I went all the way to Iraq to understand my father who is from Baghdad to resolve my childhood hurts. What are you willing to do to set yourself free?

I suggest you set your timer for fifteen minutes and write down all the people who you feel have hurt you, including all things you've done to hurt yourself. Then you'll get a clear picture of how held back you've been because of this unconscious negative energy within you. When you're in emotional debt, you consume so much energy bathing in those feelings that it's impossible for you to move on with your career or relationships. One way or another you will masterfully sabotage yourself unless you clear up the past wounds.

Start today and create a life that has meaning and purpose by giving yourself a hand and lifting you up. You'll be glad you did.

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