Dear, Berlin

We had a great day seeing the famous Wall, Check point Charlie and just getting lost wandering around the city. Berlin has been magical to us. It’s been the perfect mix of our theme this Summer: Speak, Play, Pray Tour. The workshop was successful, private’s were successful, new friendships were formed, older friendships were re-kindled. Coaching is on fire 🔥#SoulBlazing. What I know for sure is that without pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone, you stop growing. Once creativity starts to atrophy, a lot of joy dissipates because you’re not creating anymore, you’re reporting... There’s a big difference. For those of you who aren’t-familiar with the #BerllinWall, it stood as a symbol of oppression for almost three decades. It's one of the most iconic structures of the 21st century. It was a blessing to share this with Ava.

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