Blazing Borders through Sixty Countries

Traveling is important for many reasons, especially getting out of your comfort cocoon. When you get out of your comfort zone you become independent from all your "stuff," which helps you gain confidence while becoming aware of the world on a global scale though hands-n expereince.

As a person who has traveled to over 60 countries and counting, I learned how invaluable travel has been for me. I feel it's more important than getting a college degree. I learned how to handle business, how to be sensitive to others political, religious and cultural differences, how to speak and get around outer countries with grace without knowing the language or the map of the city.

The best part of traveling is getting lost in a city and allowing it to take you on an adventure. That makes you a traveller. A tourist, on the other hand, has everything planned and does not veer off their itinerary.

I strongly suggest to anyone who hasn't traveled to go and try without plans. Meet the locals and learn from them. Also, I feel leaving something of you behind builds a bond between you and a place. It could be as simple as helping someone cross the street or blogging about the positive aspects of the city.

Happy traveling! Please let me know how your trip goes and what footprint you left behind.

Loving Seeing the Incredible Pyramids in Cairo

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