What is the SoulBlazing Suite?

A high-level VIRTUAL Q & A style coaching session with LISA HAISHA. The SUITE will provide you with the opportunity to gain wisdom as well as listen in on calls as Lisa works with other participants on ZOOM. You will also get access to private interviews, classes, and global seminars.

Building connections from wherever you are...

If you are looking to:​
  1. Gain clarity and a sense of purpose.

  2. Create a Legacy you want to live twice! (while living it and remembering & sharing it)

  3. An upgrade to how you think and behave

  4. A deeper connection to your soul

  5. Honest communication in your personal & professional life

  6. Expert assistance in creating breakthroughs for you and/or your organization

  7. Confident movement from a dream to action and – from action to high-performance

  8. Intensive motivation for yourself, your team, your clients, and your community that mere financial gain alone can’t provide

  9. Deep inner peace and confidence

  10. New discoveries that are accompanied by more clarity, greater insight and deeper connections

  11. Weekly connection to inspiration


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