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SoulBlazing is Lisa Haisha’s unique form of interactive life coaching which she uses when speaking to audiences around the world and coaching her client base of celebrities and business leaders. Join her for 15 unique interviews where she talks to individuals who have excelled in their fields about how they have overcome obstacles to achieve great success. Watch Now!


         By Land, By Air, By Sea, By Soul. 

Making Shift Happen

I’ve travelled to over 60 countries (and counting). I meet people from all walks of life, go to their homes, break bread and collect their stories. Then I share their “aha’s” with you.My goal is to help you find deeper meaning and purpose in your life and broadening your perspective on who we are and why we’re here. 

Life is a journey, indeed. And here’s the main thing I’ve learned: Nothing is random. Nothing is chance. The connections are in the cracks. You just have to find them—feeling your way through the grooves of life and into the inner places, the deeper spaces. The answers I’d hungered for in my life have found me, not the other way around. The hundreds of thousands of miles I logged shaped the contours of my soul. But the secret— my Truth—was there all along. It just took a chain of unmade beds to unlock it.

Come with me...

Allow me to show you how SoulBlazing can help you ignite your head and heart! 

8.30.18 - Say Hello to my new website! I wanted something that reflected the real world we call home. That meant natural colors and textures that feel like home. More...

11.12.18 - New York, NY: I speak at “SoulNation,” the first-annual gathering of heart-centered business leaders. Click here for more information and tickets…

Meet me in Santa Fe, November 18, at the Holistic Voices conference. More...

See all my upcoming events...

Engaging, entertaining, relatable! -- Alice Walters

Lisa’s transformed my life! -- Andrew Lincoln.


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