The Impostors™ are the cast of characters that star in Lisa’s highly effective form of therapy, SoulBlazing™. Impostors are a metaphor for the “masks” that you wear every day and hide behind when confronted with something that you fear.

By replaying negative conversations and experiences from your past like a skipping record, they tell you that you’re not good enough as you are. So you adopt their masks and behaviors, convinced that you need them to be protected, loved, and accepted.

Which Impostor
is holding you back?

The Impostors

These pesky devils are the saboteurs and squatters living in the temple of your Authentic Soul, keeping you from shining bright! Click an Impostor to learn more and hear them speak!
Sex God/Goddess Imposter
Which Imposter is Holding You Back?

The Authentic Soul

There is only one Authentic Soul: Your Authentic Soul is a peacemaker. It seeks nirvana, lives in the moment, and believes in something far greater than itself. When you allow yourself to be guided by your Authentic Soul, you are creative, productive, joyful, forgiving, and present.
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