Keynote Speeches

The Revolution of Global Consciousness

Transformation through Travel


Traveling Without Inner or Outer Borders, Making Shift Happen. Lisa shares heartfelt stories and “aha” moments of the people she’s met, and her adventures traveling through over sixty countries and six continents from Bedouins in the mountains of Petra, prostitutes in the Red Light district of Amsterdam, Geishas in Kyoto, and Shamans in Peru and a journey to Iraq, her father’s birth place. 

     She has gained insights into some of the greatest creative minds while traveling, especially with her four days with the Dalai Lama, a month with the Sufis in Cappadocia and hundreds of hours with international artists, change-makers, and her mission work around the globe. 

      Haisha is also a Best-Selling Author and International Speaker.  Haisha’s stories will inspire your group for decades to come. 

Take Away:


  • Gain a Better Understanding of Themselves and the World Around Them

  • Deal with Stress from others and Self-made

  • Birth Creativity Easily and Effortlessly

  • Get Lucky in Life

  • Live the Life of a Millionaire on a Micro-Budget

  • Connect with Yourself and Others

Acting From the Inside Out (Workshop) 

How to Become the Star of your life and on the Screen 


Acting from the Inside jolts listeners from their slumber and energizes them to face their Impostors and re-awakens them to start living their lives. In this hands-on talk (and workshop) you will be invested mind, body, and soul. 

     Lisa has been the student and had private coaching with some of the greatest acting teachers of Leaders of the world from Stella Adler to the Dalai Lama.  For several Years she studied with top filmmakers shadowing them. She also studied Film Production, Writing, and Directing at UCLA. Her husband co-created Two and a Half Men and was the Executive Producer of Big Bang Theory which gave Lisa an opportunity to work with and learn on the 2 biggest Sitcoms of all time.  

     She also raised one million dollars for her directorial debut, and wrote and directed an award-winning short film. She produced a documentary for the BBC and is now an International Speaker, Award-Winning Author and the Chairman of Pitch Global's LA Chapter of Silicon Valley. She teaches entrepreneurs how to pitch to investors to celebrities to help fund their projects.  This is a skill needed for actors also... After all it is called Show Business.... It’s about raising your vibration and presentation skills.  At the end of the day, it’s about selling yourself and doing it through the magic of stories.


Take Away: 

·      Turn a Setback into a Comeback and gain Resilience

·      Elevate into your Authentic Soul

·      Be the Star of your Life

·      Carve Your Unique Way to Success 

·      Rewrite Your Story and Change Your Life

·      How to Break the Habit of Being Yourself​

.      How to Ace the Audition 

.      The Art of Effective Story

Secrets of a Hollywood SoulBlazer

5 Surprising Lessons I Learned from Counseling Hollywood Celebrities


Lisa has lived and worked in Hollywood for over two decades.  She has raised one million dollars for her first film, won an award for her short film, and has coached actors on sets. 


As a Hollywood Insider, Lisa gives your group a backstage pass into the world of fame and celebrity. Through a series of firsthand stories from her experiences counseling some of America’s biggest Hollywood luminaries, Lisa will take listeners on an emotional journey to reveal the hilarity and heartbreak that accompany stardom and celebrity. In the process, Lisa uncovers the five surprising insights that she’s discovered which produce:


·      Explosive Creativity

·      Unstoppable Drive

·      Impenetrable Confidence

·      Loving Yourself

·      What it Takes to Win


This talk is high-energy, moving, heart-warming, and side-splittingly funny, “Secrets of a Hollywood Counselor” will change the way your group views success – and themselves.

Create Your Legacy (Workshop)

4 Ways to Turn Your Passions into Purposeful Work

Lisa Haisha never imagined that her love of travel would one day would spark a global humanitarian movement. But that’s exactly what happened. After traveling for five years into fifteen countries interviewing and working with children in orphanages,  Lisa wrote a book, Whispers from Children’s Hearts. She was asked to speak in schools globally teaching children about kindness, giving back, connection, and leadership. She then created a non-profit of the same name with her husband Lee Aronsohn (Co-Creator of Two and a Half Men and Executive Producer of the Big Bang Theory).

      With this interactive presentation, Lisa takes your audience on a global odyssey and coaches your group on turning their passions into purposeful work, achieving greater productivity, and boosting profits for your company or organization. Packed with simple yet powerful tips and techniques, Haisha teaches listeners how to approach work with a “Legacy Mindset” that produces a strong work ethic, peerless daily performance, and rock-solid organizational morale. As Lisa reminds her audiences. “It’s not what we leave for people, it’s what we leave within them.”

      Lisa leaves her audience with five profound thoughts to reflect on and shares how you can integrate them into your life to help Create Your Legacy: 


  • Don’t be afraid of death; be afraid of an unlived life

  • Decide what legacy you want to create and manifest it

  • Simplify your life and focus on the essentials

  • Remind yourself that you have limited time 

  • How You Will Measure Your Life

​SoulBlaze Your Way to Abundance:

5 Tools to Become Healthy,Wealthy and Wise

How to Infuse Presence, Intention, and Awareness into Everything You Do.

​In this presentation, Lisa will teach you how to infuse Intention and Awareness into each day, where it will positively affect your effectiveness, happiness, and productivity.

     Lisa shares how she manages her full life being a working mom who travels the globe and values selfcare.  

     Your audience will walk away from this talk with applicable knowledge to shift their daily life dramatically, resulting in new ideas and tools to become healthy, wealthy and wise in their lives. 


Take Aways: 

·      How to be Authentically You

·      How to build a strong Mindset

·      How to Book an Audition or Interview

·      How to Control the 8 Personalities Living Inside You

·      Meditation, Gratitude, Prayer

The Art of the Pitch: 

 Elevating into Your Authentic Soul


Lisa is the Chairman of the Los Angeles Chapter of GTS Pitch Global Group, which is a leading network of networks in Silicon Valley with investor events every week.  She has been the number one training expert teaching entrepreneurs how to pitch their Start-Up Ideas to investors, celebrities, and to themselves. The company has been running investor, innovation, and mindset events for almost a decade in LA, London and other places. 

     Besides being a seasoned Pitch trainer. Lisa is an in-demand Mindset Trainer and Success Coach for actors, filmmakers, and business men all over the globe for over almost 2 decades. Lisa has also been an investor and is always looking for the next big thing to invest in. She is married to the co-creator of Two and a Half Men and Executive Producer of Big Bang Theory.  They have a beautiful daughter. She resides in Los Angeles.

      During this talk, Lisa will share with the participants how to Master their Mindset. She will do demonstrations, share personal stories of being in the trenches., how she raised a million dollars for her first film project, and what she and other investors look for when they’re hiring or investing in someone or a company.  Lisa also teaches private sessions to go deeper into training you to find your unique voice and how to share it through story and a structured plan for the next steps in your venture. 

      Everyone will walk out of her talk with new skills to create Passion, Purpose and Permission to soar. 

 Knowledge will be gained in:  


·     Clearing the Landscape of Your Mind

·     Storytelling to create a pitch

·     Communication: Verbal, Non-verbal and Para-Verbal 

·     The Three Things Investors Look for in a Pitch

·     Stress and How to Manage it

·     How Wellness is Vital to Staying Ahead of the Game

·     Rejection and Cold Calls

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