The Clown Impostor

About Me: I’m your Clown Impostor and I can be inappropriate, disruptive and infuriating . . . and funny as hell.

I fabulously reel off one-liners, word play, and bring comedy to an entire room, occasionally at the expense of an innocent bystander for the greater good of making others laugh.


I crave approval and love the attention of my peers when I’m taking center stage (never mind who was speaking before me) so I’ll do anything to stay in the spotlight. I feel uncomfortable being close to people, so sometimes I can crack an inappropriate joke, which may frustrate others.

You may not like me, but your kids will love me!

The First Thing People Usually Notice About Me

My sense of humor!

Pet Peeves

When others can't appreciate my sense of humor!

One Thing I couldn't Do Without

My sense of humor!


  • Funny

  • Curious

  • Sensitive

  • Inquisitive

  • Quick-witted

Favorite Things

My sense of humor?


  • Unpredictable

  • Paranoid

  • Self-Defeating

  • Nervous

  • Obsessive

  • I’m constantly creating and inspired by positive writings and performances.

  • I am comfortable being me, on stage and off

  • My creativity focuses on being a vessel for positive shifts in others and in myself.

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