The Fixer Impostor

About Me: I am your Fixer, and love helping other people with their issues so that I don’t have to deal with my own. I can be a great listener and empathetic, but I also talk behind your back and criticize your actions. In fact, that’s what I love to do the most – talk! You can come to me for the latest dish.


I rarely take any action on my own issues which means have lots of free time to be around and am often the first one to offer a helping hand! – especially if it means that I can avoid doing something I’m supposed to do.


My feelings can be easily hurt if you cancel once or can’t come to a party, because of all those times that I was there for you. And as for keeping you from your Authentic Soul, never mind that – let’s talk about how your friend can’t seem to find her own Authentic Soul!

The First Thing People Usually Notice About Me

My approachability

Pet Peeves

People who aren’t hip to the newest trends

One Thing I couldn't Do Without

Celebrity/lifestyle magazines


  • Loyal

  • Empathic

  • Patient

  • Delightful

  • Enthusiastic

Favorite Things



  • Procrastinates

  • Unassertive

  • Moody

  • Guarded

  • Frustrated

  • I am living fully in the moment, loving my life.

  • I speak only positive things. I love seeing the good and positive in others and sharing that news

  • I am excellent at creating the life of my dreams. I easily and effortlessly show up every day inspired with a game plan to make each day count.

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