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My intention in these SoulBlazing journals is to turn you on -- your freedom and imagination will do the rest. As Napoleon Bonaparte once said, "Imagination rules the world."

I believe anyone who can think can write. Words are our wings. Watch how a bird learns to fly in a spastic fit of flap-flap. It's a beautiful process to behold, and so are those first timid steps you take as a writer. 

I'm not here to ruffle your feathers; my style is to tickle you with them until you can't hold your words inside any longer. Before you know it, they’ll spill, laughing and crying, out of you right onto the page. 


How to use these journals:
Each calendar day, for thirty days, starting with the day you begin, offers a quotation that is based on the theme of this book, which is intended to inspire you, encourage you, and stimulate your thoughts. Underneath each quotation sits a suggestion or a question. Respond to it, to provoke your words for the day. And if something else moves you, feel free to write about it instead.

There are no hard and fast rules. No matter what you do, or how you decide to do it, the main thing is to write, and to enjoy it. One word at a time, your journal will be brimming with evidence of your creativity and talent!

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