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    SoulBlazing Season 1 with Lisa Haisha is Available on Amazon Video Now!

    SoulBlazing is Lisa Haisha’s unique form of interactive life coaching which she uses when speaking to audiences around the world and coaching her client base of celebrities and business leaders. Join her for 15 unique interviews where she talks to individuals who have excelled in their fields about how they have overcome obstacles to achieve great success.

    SoulBlazer Lisa Haisha, M.A.

    Blazing Souls since 2001, Lisa is the founder of SoulBlazing™ which is an intensive, non-judgmental, fun and transformative method of life coaching that uses the Impostor Model™ to rid you of your illusions, delusions and confusions.

    Cultural Ambassador

    Lisa's SoulBlazing™ work crosses the physical, emotional and mental boundaries of our world by unveiling the raw truth in war-torn countries and meetings with Spiritual Legacy Leaders.


    For over a decade Lisa has been raising funds and offering humanitarian trips to worldwide orphanages with her global nonprofit: The Whispers From Children’s Hearts Foundation.


    Based on her memoirs of a SoulBlazer and traveling as a cultural researcher, Lisa produces Blazing Borders TV, which features her online web series: Unmade Beds and The Legacy Series.

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    Keynote Speaker

    As a seasoned keynote speaker, Lisa has lectured in over 20 countries - from prisons, orphanages and schools, to universities, workshops and even for the Hollywood elite.

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    Loving Mother

    Lisa has been a mother to many for decades, and to her daughter for eight years. Traveling and living abroad with her family, Lisa has done humanitarian work and cultural research in over a dozen countries.

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