Which "Impostor" is Impersonating YOUR Soul?

We all get fooled every now and then, but the last thing you want is an Impostor taking up residence 24/7.
When Impostors weasel their way into the Temple of YOUR Soul, they need to be EVICTED.

The Impostors: The Wounded Inner Child, The Overthinker, The Therapist, The Narcissist, The Sex God/Goddess, The Philosopher, The Clown and The Fixer.
However, if you want to lead a happy, prosperous life you must lead your life from your Authentic Soul.

So which Impostor has taken over your life?
Until Lisa Haisha, The Soul Blazer came along, you had no way to tell.
But now, thanks to this revealing quiz, you will know who needs to be told to GO HOME!