Motivational Speaker Lisa Haisha

Blazing Borders

Traveling the world
inspiring humanity to give back

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A Spiritual Teacher and a Motivational Speaker.
But to the People Whose Life She Has Changed,
Lisa is Simply Known as the

Soul Blazer

Who is Lisa?

She is a Soul Blazer, Spiritual Coach,
Motivational Speaker, Author,
World Traveler and more!

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The Birth of a Soul Blazer

Discover how Lisa created Soul Blazing,
and the circumstances that made
her the healer she is today.

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Lisa on Positively Ernie, Fox 5

Guest Expert Lisa Haisha discusses gratitude,
friendship, and Soul Blazing with Ernie Anastos
on Positively Ernie, Fox 5 News

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Lisa on Jen and Barb

Guest Expert Lisa shares how to take
"Me Time" for working mothers on Mom Life

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“The presence you share is more important than the presents you share.”

Book Lisa as a Motivational Speaker or Guest Expert

Motivational Speaker Lisa HaishaLisa is available for events, conferences and workshops as well as guest expert interviews. Heartwarming, humorous and insightful, Lisa reminds all of us that no matter how famous or successful one may be, all of us struggle with the common challenges of creativity, communication, connection with others, and the search for lasting fulfillment in life and work.

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